Elect Jodi Muirhead for Santa Clara Unified School District Board

I am running for school board so that parents, teachers, administrators and classified employees have the support they need to provide every student the opportunity to become successful members of our community.

Why is Jodi the right candidate for Santa Clara Unified?

  • Jodi has proven experience as a parent and teacher in Santa Clara Unified.  Learn more.
  • Jodi has managed large educational budgets and understands the priorities of Santa Clara Unified.  Learn more.
  • As a tech professional, Jodi is committed to ensuring that students have the knowledge they need  to succeed in a high-tech world, whether they decide to pursue a tech career or any other career. Learn more.

"Jodi would be an excellent Governing Board Member.  We would be honored to serve with Jodi!"
   - Albert Gonzalez and Jim Canova, Santa Clara Unified School District Board Members

Jodi is out in the community.  Check out where she is on the Events page.

Support Jodi Muirhead

Santa Clara Unified School District Board

November, 2014!

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