Proven Experience in our School District


Our school district needs a board member who has experience in how our district runs and who can work collaboratively with board members, administrators, teachers, parents and community members.  Our district needs a board member who can listen to varied opinions and work together with other board members and district staff  to realize the best education solutions for the students.

I have been an active volunteer in classrooms since my kids started school 18 years ago.  I have been a teacher in district classrooms for the last 7 years.  Throughout that time, I have been involved with parent-teacher organizations, including 5 years in board positions, as well as room parent, field trip coordinator, fundraising chair, etc.  As a teacher, I have taught numerous kids at a variety of schools in the district.  I have tutored individuals and groups of students in math and literacy at the elementary school level.  I have worked on special projects with district principals, including updating staff manuals and school emergency manuals.  


At the district level, I have chaired the District Science Fair, working with principals, staff and parents at 20 of our schools.  I recruited and coordinated 50 parent volunteers and 50 community members, and managed the event to provide 300 kids an amazing opportunity to share and discuss their science projects.  By working on all these varied activities at schools throughout the district, I have been able to observe first-hand the inner workings of our district, what works well and what can be improved.  I have shown that I can work with the many varied backgrounds and cultures that our district has, bringing people together and providing our students the best possible educational experience.

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