Financial Stewardship

Stepping up to save a district program


Before becoming a school board member, Jodi poured over the district's budget with the Superintendent to look for ways to stop some of the impending cuts that were going to be made.  It was at that time that she recognized the complexities of school finances and knew that she had to do what she could to improve opportunities for students.  During that period of decreased revenues, Jodi stepped up to take on the financial burden of running the district-wide Science Fair so that students in Santa Clara Unified, the center of Silicon Valley, would still have the opportunity to develop and present sophisticated scientific thinking to their peers and to adult community members.  She was able to secure grant and community funding to support running the science fair, as well as providing strong volunteer support to execute the event.  She continued in the role of chairperson of the District Science Fair until she became a board member, at which time the district was able to start funding the event again and provide personnel to handle the organization of the event.  Jodi's leadership role continues to resonate with the many volunteers who show up year after year to help with this event.

Financial Experience To Lead the District

Our school district needs board members who have experience with managing budgets and managing the upcoming student growth that will occur over the next 10 years.  Our school district has had financial difficulties in the past, resulting in class size increases, loss of music and art programs, pay cuts, etc.  We need board members who have experience in the education field, who  understand the trade-offs and the best ways to spend the available funding.  Jodi has served on several non-profit boards and has experience as the treasurer of educational boards.  She has been responsible for creating budgets, managing finances and identifying resources.  She successfully chaired the district science fair for 4 years, raising money, managing expenses and running in the black each year.  Jodi has the financial background to help guide our district to meet our student population growth and to support its vision and goals. 


Non-profit leadership positions include:

District Science Fair Chairperson, Santa Clara Unified School District
Treasurer, Washington Open Elementary School
Co-founder and Treasurer, Santa Clara Unified Parents
Member-at-large, Youth Groups, Congregation Shir Hadash
Ways & Means Chairperson, Washington Open Elementary School
Scrip Fundraising Chairperson, Washington Open Elementary School
School Site Council Member, Santa Clara High School
Scholastic Book Fair Chairperson, Buchser Middle School and Washington Open Elementary School
Volunteer, SCUSD Measure A Parcel Tax Campaign Committee
Committees Chair, Sunnyvale Parent Preschool
4's class Board Representative, Santa Clara Parents Nursery School