Lawsuit Update



I have great news regarding Ina Bendis' lawsuit against us. 

A judge ruled today that all but a couple of words on my ballot statement were allowed to stand. Instead of battling out the minor changes in court, I made a recommendation to Ina and she accepted. The biggest edit was stating I was the “volunteer Chair” of the District Science Fair instead of just saying I was the “Chair” (I actually like “volunteer Chair” better!).  

I am pleased that we won the lawsuit and the case is now closed. 

However, I am still unsettled about Ina Bendis’ attempts to bully us. Her actions show why there is so much at stake for our kids and the School Board this November. We will not accept that status quo, even as our opponents do everything in their power to stop us. 

It’s important that we build on the momentum of winning this lawsuit and carry it to Election Day. Please make a donation today (we still have legal fees to pay) and/or volunteer to contact voters on our behalf - to make sure they know that our kids' future is at stake.  The election is in just a few short weeks.

In case you didn't see it, click here to see our press release regarding the lawsuit.

Thank you for your support. You continue to give me strength and I know that together we can win this election.